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We get asked this question by almost all of our couples when it comes time to schedule their engagement session. With so many new couples getting ready to have their engagement photos taken over the next few months, we figured now was an excellent time to share some of our favorite tips on what TO wear and also what NOT to wear for your session! As we dive into these photographer recommended looks, we also want to remind you that at the end of the day this session is all about you and your fiancé! It's important to keep the focus on the two of you and your love for one another. We want you to look and feel your best which means we also want you to be comfortable in your selection of attire and we want the images taken to reflect that as well.

1. Casual + Classy

We like to advise all of our couples to choose two separate outfits for their session. The first one being a casual and more relaxed outfit that gives you plenty of room to dance, jump, and play; we like to have a lot of fun and tend to encourage our couples to do all of those things during their session. For ladies, this could be jeans, shorts and a cute blouse or sweater with sandals or boots, depending on the season. For guys, jeans/shorts and a nice t-shirt or polo will do perfectly. Definitely avoid graphic tees and baseball caps. Your casual look should still be nice and put together but just a little more comfortable than your classy look!

For your classy outfit, we recommend going all out! Get fancy!! After all this is a special occasion! We especially love long maxi dresses for the ladies! For men dress pants and a button up are always appreciated. If your man really likes dressing up or is just willing to for the evening, then suspenders, a bow-tie or even a nice coat can really make a statement. However, we know not all guys like to dress to the nines. Dark jeans with a button up will pair well with just about anything.

2. Matchy-Matchy

Gone are the days of khakis and matching white polos. Patterns, prints and complementing colors are the new trend and are definitely the key to cohesive pictures. We recommend avoiding what we call the "matchy-matchy" look. In most cases, the bride-to-be tends to be a little more selective on with what to wear, so we usually tell our couples to start with her. Find the perfect dress for her then find a complementing outfit for him. If it's a solid blue dress then the man should go for a striped or slightly patterned button up. If it's a floral blouse, have him wear a solid gray polo. The idea is to mix a solid with a print or pattern to add dimension and a flattering combination.

3. Neutrals Not Neons

We always encourage couples to choose their clothing based on a more neutral or pastel color palette. If you haven't noticed, we've seriously got a thing for pinks and blues!! Guys in blue pants and ladies in blush dresses may be our all time favorite. Our style of photography and editing actual pairs nicely with those colors more so than neon and bold colors. This one may be different depending on your photographers personal style. We recommend staying away from neon colors because they are very reflective and tend to alter skin tones in images. Plus, neutrals are much easier to compliment than a bright bold color. Grays, cream, beige, tan, and pastels are definitely a good choice!!

Still unsure of what to wear for your engagement photos? We LOVE helping our couples find just the right look. If you need more tips or advice feel free to browse our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!


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