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Not being able to share your wedding day with a loved one is incredibly hard. It's a topic that comes up very often with our clients and we are often asked "How do we honor them on our big day?" We reached out to one of our favorite wedding planners who we knew would be the best person to give our readers advice on such a delicate and emotional topic. Christina Burghart, with Christina Burghart Events & Design, has a lot of experience with this and was happy to share them with us!

Here are some great ideas from one of the best in the business.


It is hard sometimes to be so excited when the friends and family, that you hold so dear, aren't there to share in such a big moment in your life. The thought of them not being there to celebrate with you on one of the most important days of your life is heartbreaking and may bring tears to your eyes; however, they may be gone from this earth, but they will live on in your heart and memories. They were always a special part of your life and you can continue to include them in special moments throughout your ceremony and/or reception. Here are a few ideas you can use on your special day, to honor the loved that may not be able to be there in person.

  • Add a photo charm to your bouquet.

  • Include a few photos of them at the end of the slideshow to honor their memory.

  • Have a moment of silence.

  • Make or include them in a toast honoring them.

  • Have a dedicated table with their photo and a candle.

  • If you wanted that special person to be in your bridal party, save an empty spot up by the altar where they would have stood.

  • Wear a piece of jewelry or token they gave to you before they passed or something you inherited after they passed.

  • Save a place setting at the table where you would have had them seated with their photo on the plate

  • Include a “ In Memory Of” section in your programs.

  • Frame their RSVP card they filled out and returned to you saying they, “wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

  • Request the DJ play their favorite songs and dance the way they would have brought the house down with their dance moves.

  • Have a decorative pot, planted with "Forget Me Not" as your something blue.

  • Place a photo and a flower of your loved one in a chair reserved especially for them.

You know without a shadow of a doubt they would be there if they could. These are only just a few of the many ideas that you can use to include the memory and honor the special friends and family that are not able to celebrate your big day. They would want you to be happy and enjoy your day!

- Christina

Did you love Christina's ideas? Do you have an idea you could share? Let us know with a comment on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear your ideas!

- The Copper Lens Team

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