Best of Bloopers & Behind the Scenes 2017! The Copper Lens Photography Co.

It's officially 2018 and today we are taking a moment to reminisce on some of our favorite bloopers & behind the scenes moments of 2017! We can't tell you guys just how much we love our job, and how much fun shooting weddings, engagements & elopements, really is! We are so appreciative of all our clients & couples from this past year and have truly had one of the best years yet!

Let's take a look at a few behind the scene photos from our awesome team!

This year we had our very first team photo session with Natalie Broach Photography!

For bio's and fun facts about each of our team members be sure to check out our "Behind The Lens" section!

Now onto the action!

Sometimes with first looks it's hard to not get each other in the shot, like Taylor here!

Or Susannah trying to get a mirror shot!

We do a lot more than take photos on a wedding day! We often double as assistants and help with lots of little things. Like, Elle here, assisting the bride with her hair on a windy day.

Or Taylor helping tie the dress while mom finishes getting her makeup done!

We also fluff dresses, pin boutonnieres, teach people how to wobble and catch runaway aisle runners among other things!

We love Tristan's style here with that black purse and flowers! He's such a great sport holding Susannah's bag and the bride's bouquet. Not only is he a great assistant but he also makes one pretty cute model! ;)

That one time we caught Alecia drinking on the job! Haha, just kidding, she was just holding it for the groom!

We'll do anything for the shot!

Special thanks to Stephanie with Swanky I Do's Event Planning for helping us with this one!!

Of course we have to take a few moments to appreciate all those funny groomsmen photos! We love when the groomsmen like to be silly and sometimes come up with the best poses for photos!

Even the little guys get a little goofy when they know the camera is on them!

If you have a backyard wedding & there is a trampoline, we're definitely going to ask you to jump on it!

Some of our favorite moments were in the form of a good old fashion photo bomb.

This one may or may not count since we didn't actually get the couple in the shot...haha But I mean come on, it was a dolphin!!

What would a blooper blog be without some hilarious reception photos??

Honestly Grandma's are our favorite!!

Did someone say "Cake?"

Men willing to fight over the garter?? So funny!

Kids are the best! But I don't think this little one knew what was coming!

At the reception EVERYONE parties. Even the vendors! Can you tell why we just LOVE our job?!

Wedding days aren't the only time we like to have fun. Check out a few of our favorite engagement session bloopers below as well!

Like that one time this sweet couple brought an extra champaign flute to their session for Susannah! Cheers!

And to thank them, she asked them to run in the water for some fun action shots....

Ooops... Luckily, Alex & Angel were great sports and laughed it off! They even shared these ones on their Instagram!

And we always encourage our couples to bring props such as musical instruments! Even if they are still learning..

Ever wonder how we get so many great shots of couples with their sweet fur babies?!

With a treat, of course!

We all know Florida weather can be a little unpredictable...

How about that one time this horse sneezed at just the right moment and it looked like a smile!

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that don't exactly go as planned!

We always have such a blast and seriously can't wait to see what 2018 holds for The Copper Lens! We wish you all a happy, laughter filled, New Year! Cheers to the end of 2017, and on to 2018!

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