Why You Should Always Include Your Dog In Your Engagement Photos | Washington Oaks Garden State Park

Adding a pet to your engagement photos isn't always an easy task. In fact, many photographers may actually discourage bringing them, as it definitely can create a few challenges during the session. However, here at The Copper Lens, we will always encourage you to bring your beloved pet along for your session! After all, who is more excited for mom & dad to tie the knot than their adorable fur-baby? We love capturing each couple and their individual love story which often times includes their pets as well. Plus, they make for some of the cutest photos! Don't believe us? Check out Palmer & Ashley's adorable engagement session below captured by our associate photographer Arielle at the beautiful Washington Oaks Garden State Park in Palm Coast, FL.

Our biggest suggestion when it comes to including your pup in your photos is to bring an extra person to help watch them while you get a few of just the two of you! Oh, and dog treats or toys to help get their attention and reward them for being so good in their photos!


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