Chris & Venessa | Historic Downtown Jacksonville Urban Engagement Session

Chris and Venessa shared with us their love story and we are smitten! From the way they met, to their day to day, to their engagement; their real life love story will make you laugh, cry and swoon.

This sweet couple met thanks to Venessa’s mother; the matchmaker. Her mom showed a picture of her beautiful daughter to her co-worker, Mary, who showed it to her boyfriend’s roommate at the time. Mary shared Venessa’s number with Chris and he texted her asking her on a date; she said yes.

The two met at Sidecar, a bar in San Marco, FL. They sat outside ordering drinks and sharing conversation. Despite how cold it was, neither wanted to admit they were cold; they didn’t want the date to end.

Their first date led into a relationship where the two fit like a puzzle. From the important topics, to how they deal with life, they shared the same values and opinions.

During the day, when they aren’t working or traveling, they enjoy going to the beach scavenging for shark teeth. They have a very impressive collection of over 600! They love sports, especially hockey, good food and sharing a good laugh. When the night comes, they enjoy sitting at a bar together for a date night while Chris, a human encyclopedia, plays trivia.

These two sure know how to enjoy every day of their lives. Their day to day relationship is both epic and simple at the same time. Speaking of epic, ready to hear their engagement story? Here is what Venessa had to say:

“Chris had to work in Paris and then again in two weeks in Madrid. Instead of coming home he suggested that we meet in Europe for an adventure. Chris arranged for me to fly into Prague and meet him. We spent time indulging in delicious food and seeing amazing historical monuments and even Castles! We hopped over to Budapest and from there Berlin and ending in Madrid. We got to Budapest and walked around, our now favorite place, we saw parks, monuments, and parliament buildings. Everything there was so beautiful. We decided to eat a traditional Hungarian dinner and have a bottle of wine. Chris was acting so weird and ate the fastest I have ever seen a person eat. Chris had bought his Go Pro to get pictures of the buildings all lit up at night, so he suggested we walk down by the water and the parliament building. The buildings and scenery were so amazing there, he knows I am a sucker for twinkly lights. He set up the go pro to get some pictures of us, to which I rolled my eyes like a brat because we already had pictures there in the day time (now I totally get why!). Chris had set the go pro to take a picture every few seconds, and managed to capture the entire proposal from when we are smiling to take pictures, to me realizing he is saying an awful lot of nice things, to surprise and overjoy when he gets down on one knee, and also shock that he had somehow hidden this ring the whole time in our Europe trip!”

We had to hear more, their love story is too adorable and admirable. So we asked them what they admire the most in each other.

Chris about Venessa: “Her ability to not let the stresses build up. She doesn't dwell on the issues and moves forward quickly. If she gets upset it’s only for a short amount of time.”

Venessa about Chris: “This is so tough. I love that Chris accepts me and loves me for who I am. He makes me feel so amazing for just being exactly how I am but also encourages me to do more to better myself and our lives. I love that Chris always strives for the best himself. If he doesn't know something he will work to find the answer. He is a hard worker both on our home lives and his career. His passion is incredible.”

Aren’t these two the cutest?

Chris and Venessa have inspired us to go on more adventures, to enjoy life and to laugh more. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to get to know these two and honored to be a part of their engagement and wedding. Have Chris and Venessa inspired you to look for shark teeth or try out a new restaurant? Let us know by tagging us and using the hashtag #TCLcouples on social media.

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-The Copper Lens

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